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In 2013 Dry Milano opens its doors. A new era begins that combines the tradition of Neapolitan pizza with the sophisti-cated universe of cocktails, proposing an innovative and irreve-rent mix where raw materials are protagonists, the perfect synthesis to enjoy every taste experience, amplifying every pleasure. Dry Milano is a place of fusion, iconic, and refined taste. The atmosphere is warm with a retro taste and an elegant bare environment, to create an atmosphere that can enhance every experience by putting guests at the center. The proposals are curated by Lorenzo Sirabella and Edris Al Malat.


Lorenzo Sirabella, born in 1993, a Neapolitan of Ischian origins, with a DNA that becomes a vocation. He delves into and studies the ancient art of baking, but it is mainly with "the making" that he puts into practice all that he has learned, finding his identity. Important are the places and the masters: from "Il Califfo" in Ischia to the ovens of Enzo Coccia's "Pizzaria La Notizia" in Naples (one of the best pizzerias in the world). To grow you need to move, to contaminate, to travel and Dry Milano represents the right challenge and since 2018 it becomes Lorenzo's kingdom, who lets his creativity rule here. 




Counter alchemists and food enthusiasts are welcome. Apply today.

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The requirements for the application are:

  • Previous experience, of at least 2 years, in the sector;

  • Strong communication skills;

  • Knowledge of the English language;

  • Willingness to work on a single evening shift and remuneration based on the national tourism contract, with an initial fixed-term contract period and possible transformation into a permanent contract;

  • It offers a dynamic and youthful environment, characterized by extreme attention to product quality.

  • Growth in the sector with participation in training courses offered by the company.

DryMilano is looking for a figure for its headquarters in Milan, in via Solferino 33, to be included in the role of:



Thank you


Edris Al Malat, class of 1992, Venetian soul, Milanese all his life. By chance he discovers the world of the mixologist among the clubs of Verona where he takes his first steps until he arrives in Milan, where he meets Luca Marcellin who involves him in his Drinc. Different project, a significant experience that allows him to refine his technique making him a skilled interpreter of what are new ways of thinking about cocktails, innovating without betraying an increasingly aware and experienced public. The result is an identity that finds fulfillment in Dry Milano, where the worlds of the kitchen and the bar mingle to create that inimitable and unique pairing. Contaminations of ingredients and textures to give life to a dynamic selection: alongside the classics are ten proposals designed by EDRIS AL MALAT, featuring cocktails that invite a multisensory and surprising experience.

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